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oh_your_darling's Journal

You're Lovely
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Description of Oh_Your_Darling: Description of Oh_Your_Darling: A community to post pictures, stories, jokes and the like. However this journal is a bit different than the other communities out there, so please take a moment to read our guidelines.
1. If 2/3's of the Mod's like you then you will automatically be accepted regardless of the other member’s votes.
2. If less than 2/3 of the MODs like you and you are liked more by the members you will be notified and need have two members recommend you to become an accepted member.
3. You will not be accepted if you slam any of the members or say anything that discriminates anyone. In fact that will probably get you banned.
4.You must join before posting
5.You must apply within 24 hours of joining or you will be automatically rejected
6.You will know if you are accepted or rejected within 3 days.
7. Any questions contact a Mod
8.Type Vindicated in the subject so I know you read the rules.
♥¤♥Now onto the application!♥¤♥

Sexual Preference
Where you Found Us

♥¤♥About You♥¤♥

What’s the significance of your user name?
What are your hobbies
Orlando Bloom or Johnny Deepp (or neither!) OR Kristin Dunst or Lucy Lu
Top 5 favorite movies
5 Bands/Singers
Favorite Color
4 Favorite books
Favorite Lyric
Favorite Website
Favorite Food
Zodiac Sign
Plans for the future?
Anything else about you that makes you stand out...you can even lie to us...or make up a random song just something else about you.

What do you hate?
What do you like?
Make us laugh
What do you like about yourself?
If you could change something what would you change?
Describe yourself

♥¤♥Opinions♥¤♥ (you're almost done darling<3)

Gay Marriage
This Application (be honnest I'm still editing it)
And just for fun the MODS

Please Promote this in 2 or more places, we will check (HINT**the more you promote the better your chances )
Give me 4 pictures of you, 3 headshots and 1 body shot.

GOOD LUCK <3 <3 <3

Update at least once a week
Vote 3 times a week
Notify a Mod when your going away
Rude comments to applicants or other members will not be tolerated, the MODs will take a vote, and if 2/3 of the MODs agree your comment was not wanted you will be BANNED.

Butterflyk1sses (MAIN MOD)

none so far :)


There are 4 more postions open if you'd like to be one please say so in your application

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