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Here goes nothign

Well I just created this communitie! Great huh? But its missing people!! :( So please apply!! <3 Also I am looking for 5 other MODS, to regulate everything while I'm gone, and just to generally impact the weight of yes's and no's. So please apply right away<3 And let me know if you want to be a Mod.

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I'll be a mod if you want... and feel free to delete this if its in the wrong place.

Name: Karl
Age: 28
Location North-central Massachusetts
Sexual Preference straight
Where you Found Us camwhores, via butterflyk1sses' post

♥¤♥About You♥¤♥

What’s the significance of your user name? my online name for years is SilverPhoenix; had to use 'pyrephoenix' because SP was taken
What are your hobbies reading, computers, internet
Orlando Bloom or Johnny Deepp (or neither!) OR Kristin Dunst or Lucy Lu neither
Top 5 favorite movies Lord of the Rings (2 & 3), Finding Nemo, Emperor's New Groove, Muppet Movie
5 Bands/Singers Queen, Van Halen, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Savatage, Freddie Mercury
Favorite Color orange
4 Favorite books too many to name just four... i have 1100 at home, and have finished many others
Favorite Lyric "las palabras de amor"
Favorite Website right now, LJ. It varies
Favorite Food bubba burger!
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Plans for the future? yes, but they're unformed
Anything else about you that makes you stand out...you can even lie to us...or make up a random song just something else about you. I don't sleep enough and i read way too much

What do you hate? overall? working til close one night and opening the next day
What do you like? just about everything. very few pet peeves.
Make us laugh *tickle*
What do you like about yourself? eh. my toes. And my eyes.
If you could change something what would you change? about me? the need to sleep.
Describe yourself introverted. i'm much more likely to be open and outgoing online.

♥¤♥Opinions♥¤♥ (you're almost done darling<3)

Abortion no
Gay Marriage no opinion, because i haven't yet heard an arguemnt that convinces me one way or the other
Religon: I'm not going to argue religion or politics with anyone.
Clonning no
Porn depends on the context.
This Application (be honnest I'm still editing it) needs a bit of work
And just for fun the MODS she's hot :)

Please Promote this in 2 or more places, we will check. does my own journal count? i don't think i've joined any other places I'm allowed to promote at...
Give me 4 pictures of you, 3 headshots and 1 body shot. http://www.livejournal.com/community/camwhores/1912645.html
another headshot, and full-body shot if I can do so with a webcam ;) to follow, will link then
How could refuse? <3 Yes your live journal counts! Soooooo


Also you are more than welcome to be a MOD <3
thank you :)

*doesn't hop*

*wonders about hope* ;p