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so wear me like a locket around your heart//i promise we'll never be apart.


Name Kayla.
Age 15.
Location Boring North Carolina.
Sexual Preference Straight but friends with many bi/homosexual people.
Where you Found Us interest search.

♥¤♥About You♥¤♥

What’s the significance of your user name? Philophobia is the fear of falling in love.
What are your hobbies skateboarding, dancing, being glamourous and silly with my friends, taking photos, and talking on my cellphone.
Orlando Bloom or Johnny Deepp (or neither!) OR Kristin Dunst or Lucy Lu Neither of the boys and probably Lucy Lu because she owns.
Top 5 favorite movies Breakfast Club, original Dirty Dancing, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fight Club, and Planes, Trains, Automobiles.
5 Bands/Singers Mindless Self Indulgence; The Beatles ; Wallflowers ; Sex Pistols ; Goo Goo Dolls
Favorite Color Faded Pink.
4 Favorite books The Black Swan ; Where the Red Fern Grows ; all Janet Evanovich books ; Runaway Bunny... hahah, I love that book, please don't laugh.
Favorite Lyric "I wanna bullet proof your soul, would you like to lose control?" Bullet Proof - Goo Goo Dolls
Favorite Website www.nataliedee.com
Favorite Food Seaweed Sushi.
Zodiac Sign Leo.
Plans for the future? Small private college and becoming a psychologist.
Anything else about you that makes you stand out...you can even lie to us...or make up a random song just something else about you. Lying is bad. I was put in a mental hospital about 5 times because my best guyfriend in the world killed himself but I'm slowly dealing with it. I guess that stands out?

What do you hate? I don't hate because it's bad but I do strongly dislike racists, sexists, and people like me, snobby conceited assholes. Heh.
What do you like? tranquility (sp?) and silence.
Make us laugh Hmm... A few nights ago I took too much cough medicine on accident and I looked up at my mom when she was talking to me and I wasn't listening and I said, "My eyeballs..." and she was like, "Yeah?" and I was like, "THEIR HUUUUUUUUGE!" and I screamed it and started laughing. It was great.
What do you like about yourself? My eyes because they are a unique color and they actually do change from green to blue-grey depending on my mood.
If you could change something what would you change? My height. I'm only 5'1.
Describe yourself Fun-loving. Often mean and 'heartless.' Distant. Can be sweet. Hate being judged. 5'1. Dark brown hair. Greenish/Blue-grey eyes. 116 lbs.

♥¤♥Opinions♥¤♥ (you're almost done darling<3)

Abortion I think it should be a womans right to chose. It shouldn't be anyone elses because it's her crotch that the little monster is going to come out of so she should have 100% say in what happens.
Gay Marriage I don't think we should be the people to try to tell homosexuals who they can and cannot marry. We should learn to mind our own business and deal with it.
Religon I was Greek Orthodox and now I'm Roman Catholic.
Clonning I think they shouldn't, it is making an exact copy of a body and that was not meant to happen.
Porn Who cares honestly... If people like it, let them watch it.
This Application (be honnest I'm still editing it) Work on the spelling but it's pretty good.
And just for fun the MODS I don't know them so I can't judge them. Sorry.

Please Promote this in 2 or more places, we will check (HINT**the more you promote the better your chances )


warning, it's friends only so it won't be viewable. =[


Give me 4 pictures of you, 3 headshots and 1 body shot.

Sorry. It's another one of my 'looks.'

GOOD LUCK <3 <3 <3

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