Mike From Warren (a1mfw) wrote in oh_your_darling,
Mike From Warren

Name Mike
Age 33
Location Warren,MI
Sexual Preference straight
Where you Found Us another user

♥¤♥About You♥¤♥

What’s the significance of your user name? A1MFW is A 1 Mike from Warren
What are your hobbies check my user info
Orlando Bloom or Johnny Deepp (or neither!) OR Kristin Dunst or Lucy Lu Kirsten Dunst
Top 5 favorite movies UHF,Reservior Dogs, Blues Brother's, Animal House
5 Bands/Singers Henry Rollins, Frank Zappa, Wierd Al Yankovic, Van Halen
Favorite Color green
4 Favorite books Black Coffee Blues, The Last Victim,
Favorite Lyric
Favorite Website
Favorite FoodMFW Photography

Zodiac Sign Pisce
Plans for the future? Go with the Flow
Anything else about you that makes you stand out...you can even lie to us...or make up a random song just something else about you.

What do you hate? everything
What do you like? nothing
Make us laugh
What do you like about yourself?
If you could change something what would you change?
Describe yourself

♥¤♥Opinions♥¤♥ (you're almost done darling<3)

Abortion up to the person to decide
Gay Marriage no problem
Religon mythology
Clonning might do some good
Porn good stuff
This Application (be honnest I'm still editing it)
And just for fun the MODS

Please Promote this in 2 or more places, we will check (HINT**the more you promote the better your chances )
Give me 4 pictures of you, 3 headshots and 1 body shot. Don't have many photo's of myself or a place to store them at the moment
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